Friday, January 7, 2011

Whole Avacado

Couldn't resist the light on this one :) I'd never painted an intact avacado before- the inside is so much prettier than the outside- but the outside has a certain charm.
I can't see one of these things anymore without reliving this moment I had while reading Hemingway.... he was talking about feeding one of his cats "alligator pears" and how odd it was that the cat liked them, how it would ride on his shoulder as he walked around outside and how much he loved it, and I was having this tickle in the back of my mind, knowing I should know what an alligator pear was, and then bam, I remember that it's an avacado!
So of course I thought about a cat who eats avacados and likes riding around on shoulders the whole time I did this painting. It made me smile.

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