Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pressure and Reflection

This piece, for me, is related to the one I shared yesterday... same size, same mostly subdued colors, and the nut-thing is from the same bin at my mechanic's :) The mirror ball you've seen before, the c-clamp is something from my parent's house...
You know how you read articles about great still life painters, and the interviewer mentions that he or she walks in the studio and sees all of these objects that seem so familiar, because they've seen them in a bunch of the artist's paintings? That's always made me smile, I guess because I know it'd be the same if someone came over here, and because it would be so, so cool to go over to the studio of a still-life painter I really admire and see the real objects and compare them to the artist's idea of them, you know? Scale and color intensity and if maybe one things has been painted so many times that it has become something entirely different in its painted life than it is in reality...

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  1. I like this and the post before. Ordinary objects make a beautiful still life. You have a good touch for it.