Friday, June 5, 2009

Three Olives

Actually wanted to try an olives shot yesterday.... but I was much more confident in my ability to work with cherries. I have a monstrous time with greens, for some reason. Any other artists out there have one color that gives them trouble like that? You can imagine it makes foilage quite entertaining :) But these little guys were a lot of fun to do.... used Green Gold and Chromium Oxide Green as the greens, if anyone is curious. Bunch of other colors too- I love using lots and lots of colors and using various combinations of them to make sure it all comes out unified!


  1. I realy like these olives. They look very edible. I agree about the greens. I work in pastel and can never seem to find the one I want, even though I have more greens than anything. Great painting.

  2. Isnt it wild how that works? Im glad Im not the only one with the greens problem, though :D Thats some real talent you have, to work in pastel and everything- Ive never been able to manage it. Acrylics for me!

  3. Stephanie PetrusoJune 16, 2009 at 7:58 PM

    I like the olive Kellie -- looks like you could just pick them up and put them into your martini!