Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gold and Glass

8x8 acrylic on crandled hardboard panel
This one was an absolute bear, but I loved painting it. Doesnt make a whole lot of sense, I know, but still.... I mean, a glass teacup, what was I thinking, yeah, but the color possibilities are just so awesome! I actually painted this all the way through without the teabag, and it looked lovely but desperately needed SOMEthing to catch your eye or provide some additional contrast, or something.... shouldve taken a picture. Its always interesting watchiong how pieces evolve, isnt it?


  1. I love it. The light in this one is so perfect. That is true of many of your teacups, but the glass makes it stand out in a special way.

    I usually drink loose tea, so don't have a bag. For the paintings, I think the bag makes it say "tea" in a stronger way than without.


  2. Pretty sweet! love the paint handeling.

  3. Thanks so much, all of you! Tina, youre totally right- its the light in the tea that seems to draw me to that subject again and again, and the glass really does play that up :) And the paint handling- I hope Im getting better with that, more confident with all this practice Ive been getting :D I do love how this one came out.

  4. This is just lovely. Makes me want to drink tea instead of coffee. :) Love the cherries back a few posts, too. Well, all your paintings. Thanks for sharing.