Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Sorry I disappeared!

Thursday night it started raining. And then raining and icing and all this happening below freezing so all the twigs and pine needles and everything on all the trees got covered and very very heavy. So Friday morning I woke up to a tree falling on the house.

No damage done, no worries there, but we lost four trees in the yard, and the tops fell out of five others! Oh, and of course there was no power. Because there were three other trees- one of them HUGE- that had taken down power lines just on our street alone! And one of the power poles had just broken clean off about halfway up- I still have no idea how THAT happened.

So the Baby and I went and stayed with Mama for a few nights till the power came back on, and I came back here during the day to try to get the yard cleaned up. We're down to one small brush pile and some stray logs, which is wonderful! Also happy that the garden will be getting a lot more sun this year.

BUT..... and this is a huge but.... I forgot how to paint. Lol, there's a reason I paint every day, if I don't use it I really do lose it! So this is me sketching and trying to get my Painting Brain back. More to come.

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