Friday, September 6, 2013

Two Bones

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Interesting shapes, don't you think? Duck, in case you're wondering.....
It's funny, I think skulls might be easier to paint than other bones, if only because of the instantly-identifiable factor. Like in a movie or tv show, what is the first bone uncovered, ALWAYS? Skull. Never anything ambiguous or small, no finger bones or little pointy toe bones that could be mistaken for weird pebbles, always a gaping, staring skull right there at the top of the heap..... what movie was that, Terminator, Terminator II, with the massive tank thingey rolling over human bones? Except it was nothing but skulls. Either the robots were taking the rest out for barbeque, or it was even more futuristic than it was pretending to be and the humans were nothing but heads in jars, a la Futurama.

Ok, clearly I'm losing my mind.

Off to bed now. More painting tomorrow.

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