Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My little Naomi picked a hyacinth for me this morning when we were out in the yard! It smells so beautiful :) Trying a slightly larger painting, this time....
 and this is the world's smallest Meyer Lemon tree! I planted some seeds from a beautiful Meyer Lemon I got at the grocery store, and now have four beautiful little baby Meyer Lemon trees, which makes me so happy! I'll have to build a hoop house for them this fall. And I got a Blood Orange at the store today to try the same thing with :D

If you're wondering how to do it yourself- cut a meyer lemon in half, hopefully not cutting any of the seeds in the process. Fish out the slippery little boogers, and stick them in your mouth to suck off all the citrus-ey-ness. Put directly in a 1/2" deep hole in soft, moistened soil in a warm place. Keep damp, and you should see them coming up in 2 or 3 weeks. Beautiful little things....

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